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Neuhaus fetes Belgian icons with exotic summer collection

Neuhaus is celebrating the 60th birthday of two iconic Belgian chocolates: ‘Caprice’ and ‘Tentation’. Not with cake, but with chocolate, of course. The Limited-Edition Summer Irrésistibles collection pays homage to the classic Caprice and Tentation with a symphony of exotic flavours such as pineapple, passion fruit and yuzu.

The triangular ‘Caprice’ and ‘Tentation’ chocolates were launched on the occasion of the 1958 World’s Fair and soon became household names in the Neuhaus assortment. Now in 2018, Caprice and Tentation are still part of the ‘Irrésistibles’ family, the celebrities of the Neuhaus chocolate collection. And that is definitely worth celebrating! So, for this 60th Anniversary, Neuhaus is launching different limited editions in keeping with true Belgian delicacies. One of these is the Summer Irresistibles, a luscious seasonal collection to welcome summer with open arms. Our Master Chocolatiers have enriched the Belgian chocolate ganache of the Irrésistibles assortment with exotic fruits such as pineapple, passion fruit and yuzu. Allow us to tempt you with a little foretaste.

PINEAPPLE Under a layer of milk chocolate with yellow cookie crumble lies an artisan nougatine, hand-filled with refreshing pineapple and milk chocolate ganache. And to finish, a spicy hint of Szechuan pepper

PASSION FRUIT We combine an unexpected blend of tropical passion fruit, refreshing lemon and sweet aniseed with a milk chocolate ganache. After which we dip the chocolate into an intense dark chocolate and finish it with an orange cookie crumble

YUZU The delicate zest of yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit), sweet mango and coriander with its lemony perfume blend perfectly with the creamy white chocolate ganache. And we put all of this under a coat of intense dark chocolate on top of which we sprinkle green cookie crumble

The Summer Irrésistibles assortment is available until the end of August at Neuhaus boutiques.