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 Galerie de la Reine, 1857

Indulge in the Wonderful World of Neuhaus

At Neuhaus, creating exquisite chocolate is a passion. Top quality ingredients are handled with over 155 years of knowhow and craftsmanship. Luxurious gift boxes make the Neuhaus creations a pleasure to both give and receive. Take a moment to indulge yourself and discover how the continuation of tradition and innovation are driving Neuhaus to be the best in luxury Belgian chocolate.

The History of Neuhaus

When Jean Neuhaus arrived in Brussels in 1857, he opened his apothecary store in the prestigious Queen’s Gallery. To make sure of his medicines acceptable, he covered them in a layer of chocolate.

His grandson, Jean Neuhaus Jr., inherited his passion for chocolate. He had the idea of replacing the medicine inside the chocolate with delicious fillings and thus, in 1912, he invented the first ‘praline’ or filled chocolate.

A few years later, the wife of Jean Neuhaus Jr. invented the ballotin box, an elegant wrapping that elevated chocolate to a luxury gift.

The passion of Jean Neuhaus for chocolate is still strongly present in the wide range of Neuhaus chocolates today. Each praline is graced with its own shape, flavour and name. All Neuhaus chocolates are made in Neuhaus chocolate ateliers in Brussels, Belgium.

Neuhaus Créateur Chocolatier is internationally renowned with boutiques in Brussels, London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and many more cities across the globe. Neuhaus is also an official supplier to the Belgian Royal Court.

Timeless Elegance

Jean Neuhaus was an innovator when he created the filled chocolate or Belgian ‘praline’ in 1912.

In 1958, Neuhaus revolutionized the world of luxury chocolate with the creation of the pralines Caprice and Tentation, named after a quote by the French star actress Brigitte Bardot. These chocolates feature a unique combination of three very different textures that come together in a surprising taste experience: crisp chocolate, crunchy nougatine and rich smooth cream.

Today, over 50 years later, the range of Neuhaus chocolates consists of over 60 unique pralines, each with their own name and story. The generous variety in the Neuhaus chocolate assortment is appreciated by chocolate connoiseurs all over the world.

Continuous Innovation

The passion of Neuhaus as Maître Chocolatier is expressed in the dozens of new recipes that Neuhaus create every year. Each and every creation goes through a strict process of selection before making it to the Neuhaus boutiques. Only the very best recipes will become a classic in the Neuhaus range.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the creation of the praline, Neuhaus and a team of talented young designers created Precious. This exclusive creation presents five pralines like jewels that stand out because of their refined fillings and elegant shapes.


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