Meet our Neuhaus Valentine 2019 Limited Edition Double Heart Chocolate

Meet our Neuhaus Valentine 2019 Limited Edition Double Heart Chocolate

Posted by Valentine 2019 on 17th Jan 2019

Neuhaus Valentine's Day 2019 Concept

Love letters from around the world

Love letters are never black or white, they flow with warm and changing feelings and are the inspiration behind this collection: expressed through the emotive style and lovely nuances of free form aquarelle paintings in hues of red and pink, evoking the spirit of love.

And as love has no boundaries, we have spanned the globe to source the most precious ingredients from the world to create the truly unique limited edition filled chocolates. This collection is full of “Love letters from the world”.

Chocolate hearts from the world

This Valentines, our Maitre Chocolatiers captured the passion of love letters in three new chocolate hearts. 

Just as love has no limits, they spanned the globe sourcing precious ingredients. Each heart consists of two halves, two different flavors perfectly complementing each other: an ultimate love story in chocolate.

Green Tea from Yunnan (China)

A white chocolate heart filled with one part milk chocolate ganache infused with green Yunnan tea from China, and one part bittersweet dark chocolate ganache boldly flavored with luscious raspberry.

Vanilla from Madagascar

A milk chocolate-covered heart consisting of one part gianduja, flavored with Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar and crunchy biscuit crumble, and one part vanilla-infused caramel with a hint of salt from Guerande in France.

Panela (Sugar) from Colombia

An intense dark chocolate heart filled with one part white chocolate ganache infused with the flavourful unrefined Panela sugar from Colombia, espellette pepper and a hint of lime, and one part silky salted buttercaramel.

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