Ogilvy's RAW Jarrah Honey 20+ TA




Raw Jarrah Honey 20+ TA

Jarrah Honey  20+ TA is an exclusive and rare super honey from Western Australia. It is known as a healing honey because of its natural antibacterial activity.

Jarrah honey comes from a single variety of the eucalyptus tree, Eucalyptus marginata, and is a dark, amber-coloured thick runny honey with a distinctive strong taste of nuts and caramel.

Jarrah honey has a number of unique benefits and properties, including:

  • Totally natural product
  • Has high antimicrobial properties – measured by its Total Activity (TA) rating of 20+
  • Independently tested
  • Significantly higher level of antioxidants than manuka honey
  • Low in glucose – Low GI
  • Scientific research shows Jarrah has a high antibacterial activity and is effective against Candida
  • Excellent choice for dressing golden Staphylococcus infections,  E.coli as well as ulcerated wounds
  • Can be used to treat burns, wounds and skin infections
  • Unique & delicious flavour
  • Perfect as a natural sweetener or drizzled over toast or yogurt

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Raw Jarrah Honey 20+ TA Super Honey from Western Australia