Filled with Love - Neuhaus Valentine Heart Chocolates

22nd Jan 2018

Filled with Love They are sweet and they are spicy, with red fruit and fiery peppers and fiery peppers - this year Valentine is given extra flavour by way of a Culinary romance between opposites. Our Maître Chocolatier sincerely believes that op...
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On Mother's Day: Mum

23rd Feb 2016

Photo Credits: PublicDomainPicturesMum. She once held our tiny hands, cuddle our crying soul, celebrated our happiness, endure all that she could so that we could be who we are today. As Mother's Day approaches, let's not forget to celebrate the gi...
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Dubai Winter Festival

8th Dec 2015

We're excited and we have every reason to be! Moka General Trading LLC, the company behind your favourite online chocolate shop, Chocolate Gift Delights is going to be present at the Moka General Trading LLC at Dubai Winter Festival. Visit our s...
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Ramadan / Eid Gift Collection 2014

18th Jun 2014

Our team created a special collection for Ramadan / Eid 2014 that is compose of generous crescent moon hamper, golden basket arrangement, seasonal lantern boxes and camel theme.The variety includes that of a small box for individual give-away up to h...
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Fun-filled Easter Preparation

27th Mar 2014

Easter has always been one of our favourite season because we get to create colourful Easter gifts and hampers that takes us back to being a child at heart.Those fun colours that automatically lighten up your mood coupled with cute little easter e...
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Mother's Day

11th Mar 2014

Mother's Day is celebrated this month on the 21st March (Arabic Mother's Day) & 30th March (UK Mother's Day).They say you really won't know the essence of being a mother until you become one.True in every sense, a mother's love for her children i...
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